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"Amanda does her job from the heart, not from her pocket.  She is magnificent. Time is very precious and she has a lot of it for a lot of people"     IH

"I honestly could not have done my hearing without Ashley being there, she was professional, supportive and offered great advice.  The outcome was incredible and I was over the moon"  MG

"I met Amanda through Reunite and follow her on the work she does. Amazing lady"   BC

"Amanda is one in a million.  She gives up her time to help without question.  I'd be lost without her support over the years"   SW

"I'd have lost all hope if it wasn't for Amanda.  She does amazing work"   JH

"Thank you  so much for coming to my hearing Ashley, I'm so glad you came, you've been a godsend"   LC

"Amanda has helped me and my family massively"   CW

"I owe Amanda a great deal"   GH

"Amanda doesn't charge enough for the amazing work she does"  JB

"Thank you both for your help leading up to the hearing.  Ashley's support and advice on the day was greatly appreciated."   DH

"I know my case has been a difficult one for Amanda to manage, but she keeps going even when I make a mistake by not following her advice exactly.  She has given me a lot of time that I am sure she hasn't charged for"   JK

"Ashley has helped me maintain a relationship with my grandson, when our family experienced communication difficulties.  I couldn't have done it without her"   GC

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