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The Familia Team are committed to supporting parents and other family members in making the best arrangements for children after separation.



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Amanda has been a full-time professional McKenzie Friend since 2012, and has built a solid reputation as one of the best in her field.  Travelling to courts all over the UK, she has helped to assist hundreds of parents, grandparents and their children.  Previously to this she ran the helpline for Reunite Child Abduction Centre and worked as a clerk for a family lawyer where she developed a passion for assisting families.



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Ashley is an experienced professional McKenzie Friend with a degree in Psychology and Criminology.  In this role she has assisted many parents through the Court system, as well as numerous extended family members such as grandparents, aunts and uncles. Ashley has extensive knowledge of the Family Court system and has assisted on many complex and long running cases, including abduction and change of residence cases.



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Kimberly is one of the newest members of the team. Kim has previously volunteered as a police officer for 9 years before working in Social care and Domestic Abuse. In her most recent role Kim developed a passion for supporting parents through the Family Court System, gaining experience in completing Children Act applications, attending court hearings and building knowledge on financial orders. 


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Dawn has 10 years experience working in SEN schools for vulnerable children with challenging behaviour including autism, ADHD and mental health issues. Dawn's role involved liaising with families and working closely with them through all kinds of challenges. Dawn has also worked in adult social care supporting families in their own homes. Having been through a difficult separation divorce, Dawn has a deep understanding of the trauma that this can bring and she now feels passionate about supporting others going through the same.

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